Steps for the Medical Surrogacy Process

You will find ample medical realities a surrogate mother ought to understand. Even when you’re simply considering applying to be a surrogacy clinic nepal , the entire medical procedure of gestational surrogacy ought to be clear for you as getting a surrogate mother is a life altering experience where you’re fulfilling the fantasy of a childless coupleof

Doctors Won’t utilize your eggs

The eggs will probably always function as parent or another party egg donor and that is what makes this really not a standard surrogacy in any way. In conventional maternity, it’s always your own eggs and your spouse’s sperms.

Series of tests

You have to undergo a number of evaluations in the fertility centre when chosen for becoming a surrogate mother. This normally involves a vaginal ultrasound, a hysteroscopy, regular blood tests, etc.. You’ll also need to experience a PAP smear test to confirm you aren’t suffering from cervical cancer and also a mammography test also! These tests would be to just be certain you are in a solid health and won’t impact the baby in your uterus in any negative manner.

Medicines for uterus groundwork

Beginning from regular pills for birth control to estrogen, your uterus is ready well for getting the embryo and this consists of medicines for becoming progesterone hormone also. But it ought to be taken into consideration that the drugs might change from 1 person to another based upon various factors. IVF is the procedure that’s utilized in gestational surrogacy.

Embryo transfer to the uterus

Embryos are flushed in a liquid medium and then in your uterus via the cervix and usage of ultrasound might be present to make sure that embryo is placed in its planned position. You might want to lie down for a time period just after the effective embryo transfer.