Cisco CCNP Certification Training: What’s New On The BSCI 642-901 Exam

CCNP certification is getting another gander toward the finish of 2006. The BSCI and BCMSN tests are being refreshed, and the CIT and BCRAN tests are being resigned. We should investigate what’s in store from the new BSCI test.

As per Cisco’s test outline – as a matter of fact an exceptionally expansive diagram right now – the major new subjects are IP adaptation 6 (IPv6) and multicasting. The expansion of these two subjects will make an all around requesting Cisco certification test that a lot harder, however this is an extraordinary change for the test and for the applicant. IPv6 is simply going to turn out to be increasingly more pervasive in the present organizations, and multicasting is too.

Multicasting for the Cisco CCNP BSCI test will go a long ways past what you found out about it in your CCNA examines. For the new BSCI test, you’ll need to know the various techniques for making multicast bunches just as appointing individuals to them. This material was recently restricted to CCIE-level books, and keeping in mind that I don’t search for the inquiries to be pretty much as hard as the CCIE composed test, multicasting is certainly not a simple theme and ought not be messed with by the CCNP applicant in 2007.

One significant CCNP test theme that isn’t going anyplace is BGP. The Border Gateway Protocol has been a major piece of past BSCI tests, and that hopes to proceed.

In case you’re seeking after your CCNP certification in 2007, make certain to screen Cisco’s site for augmentations to the CCNP plan. Clearly Cisco has increased current standards for CCNP certification, and procuring this significant Cisco certification will thusly raise your fairly estimated worth and systems administration information more than ever. Watch for future instructional exercises inspecting the other three new CCNP tests!

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